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Do you want to be in love with your body again?

On any given day, do you wonder if you will feel well, or if you will feel fatigued, bloated, and irritable?

Are you literally aching to reclaim your health, feel more connected to your true self, and go forward in health and relationships with joy, no matter what age you are?

Do you feel betrayed by your body?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and reactive when you are with loved ones and friends?

Is it hard to know what to eat, or have the energy to exercise, or even look in the mirror?

We all grew up without learning how to care for our bodies or understand what it means to be in deep communication with it. We’ve been taught to not trust our judgement when it comes to health or medicine, and that we need to depend upon experts.

To get out of pain, we look for the quick fix and external solutions; that spot-on diagnosis, that one right pill, exotic herb, or new supplement, or that ever illusive secret practice or protocol.

Any of those efforts might be good for you, at least for awhile. Or they might not be good for you.

That’s more than just a nice sounding cliche. To know yourself means unwinding from all the pain and fear and developing an intuitive understanding and intimate relationship with your body. It means creating a relationship with your physiology. It’s about being willing to feel and listen to what you are experiencing— in the moment, in your body, and in your breath.

The gentle power of Unwinding that is featured in The Gut Wellness Course allows you to be present and aware, helping you to build trust in your judgment so you can make better choices, choices that fit who you are at this stage in your life.

And good choices bring opportunities to create radiant health.

Our commitment to you is to guide you through five easy-to-follow learning modules of gentle yet powerful breathing exercises, each paired with one or several touch-for-awareness techniques, for a total of thirteen instructional video sessions.

In each module we also provide audio recordings, allowing you to absorb both the breathing and the touch techniques in a state of deep relaxation so that the learning comes with ease and feels perfectly natural. First you learn by seeing the techniques on video, then, by listening, you can sense in and intuit while practicing.

Later, you can use all the audio together to enjoy a complete 90+ minute Unwinding session without interruption.

And we give you an Action Plan for Gut Health, a series of thought provoking questions, written exercises, and steps that you can take that will help transform your daily life to one of energy and vibrancy!

Using this multi-sensory approach engages your nervous system’s various pathways, and you will literally reconnect—at a deep, physiological level—your self with your body.

“My journey with Allison began 9 years ago with my daughter but little did I know that I would also greatly benefit from Unwinding, so much so that I have attended multiple workshops and now want to be a health coach. I want to give back as much as Allison has given to me and my family. If you are ready to slow down and heal your belly then this is the practice for you. Cheers to long, slow breaths, in and out!”

Evan Woolf

“Lateral breathing? As an abdominal massage therapist myself, I hadn't heard of that! This sparked a curiosity in me to take Allison's workshop, and I'm so happy I did! The breathing and touch techniques provided a new understanding and depth to the words "self-care." I came away feeling connected to my core and much more grounded. I highly recommend Allison Post’s teachings!”

Jada Delaney

"Unwinding has been my go-to guide to help my clients connect and heal the center of their body with their own hands and breath. The creators approach the subject in a practical, personal, and informative way. They invite anyone to develop a gentle and loving relationship with their internal organs, digestion, and the emotional field of their abdomen. The Gut Wellness Guide and Course are important teachers, reminding us how to drop back into our true selves, in contrast to the lure of cyberspace."

Charlotte Holst Reilly

Each module includes:
  • A demonstration video for each breathing exercise and touch technique.
  • An audio recording for each step that you can listen to after watching and learning the breathing and touch technique videos. These audios are meditation-like embodiment exercises that guide you deeper into your body.
  • A brief worksheet PDF that will help you focus on questions or issues that arise and motivate you to create your own Action Plan for Gut Health, in preparation for interacting with other students and with me.
  • A brief video with additional comments.

In addition, you’ll have:

  • Lifetime access to my private Facebook page that is specifically dedicated to this course.
  • Plus lifetime access to recordings of all the group coaching calls.

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And you’ll be invited to participate in our current series of live group coaching video calls. New students are always welcome!

In this first module you will learn the First Steps in Unwinding. This will be a gentle invitation to being at ease with the feel of your belly and to once again enjoy your whole, living, breathing body!

  • Belly Breathing. We present a natural way to breathe, the way that we were born with. This begins the process of unwinding any unhealthy patterns that we sometimes develop in our busy world of activity and overstimulation, and it will feel like you’ve just begun to get the deep rest you sorely need.
  • Unwinding the Navel. This is a profoundly relaxing and powerful touch technique that contacts the bridge that once existed between you and your mother. You can still use this bridge as a pathway to get rid of waste, and imbibe nurturing, healing energy.
  • Exploring the Abdominal Surface. Here we learn the cat’s paws touch. This is the yummy way a cat kneads you when he is purring and happy. With this touch technique, you familiarize yourself with the general terrain of the entire belly. You will find out where you are having difficulty breathing and feeling, where there is tension, and the quality of that tension.
  • Lymph Pumping. Your belly contains a web of microscopic lymph tissue that filters waste from the blood. Again, we use the cat’s paws technique in two specific areas to stimulate movement toward the nodes of lymph tissue that are deep within the belly.
  • A downloadable audio recording of the same techniques you learned above, but presented at a more relaxed pace, giving you the opportunity for deeper embodiment.
  • A downloadable worksheet that will help you focus on questions or issues that arise.

In Module Two we continue to explore deeper into the belly and expand our breathing capacity. We will begin to reach our breath into areas that are frozen in most people, to allow space for blood and oxygen to feed the organs and the fascia and other connective tissues, tendons, and ligaments. We will then encourage healthy movement in the large intestine (colon.)

  • Lateral Breathing. The diaphragm, your major breathing muscle, is attached to the inside surface of your rib cage, and it begs to be loosened and enlivened. Here you begin to tap into the full power of your breath, and to feed and support the organs that are protected by the rib cage. We also begin to unwind old patterns of tension (and possibly, forgotten traumatic events that often cause us to suddenly be awash in feelings that we don’t understand.) Lateral breathing can help bring you into the present moment, and allow these patterns of tension to relax, and the energy to move through and release from the physical and emotional body structures.
  • Connecting the Large Intestine. It seems everyone has some kind of challenge with their large intestine—as a result of diet, a microbial imbalance, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, and so much more. Here is a gentle touch technique to encourage movement and healthy elimination. This will also allow you to develop a mindful relationship with the vital functions of the intensely sensitive colon, and to connect with it on a daily basis.
  • A downloadable audio recording of the same techniques you learned above, but presented at a more relaxed pace, giving you the opportunity for deeper embodiment.
  • A downloadable worksheet that will help you focus on questions or issues that arise.

Module Three takes us deeper into the organs that the rib cage protects and that work so very hard for us on a daily basis. Here we deepen our connection between our deep center and the sides of our body, explore the state of health in our digestive organs, and relieve congestion and deep tension.

  • Expanded Lateral Breathing. Although we cannot palpate the digestive organs directly, we can learn to connect with them through the movement of our diaphragm and the presence created by deep and easeful breathing.
  • Stimulating The Digestive Organs. With this step we are encouraging delivery of oxygen-rich blood and expanding the space in which the organs live. Waste, tension, or emotional charge can be carried off, making room for supportive nutrients to be carried in by the oxygen-rich blood. The enhanced exchange of blood stimulates the digestive and immune functions within your body.
  • A downloadable audio recording of the same techniques you learned above, but presented at a more relaxed pace, giving you the opportunity for deeper embodiment.
  • A downloadable worksheet that will help you focus on questions or issues that arise.

This is an opportunity for you to breathe and work with an area you most likely have never contacted without the help of a physical or massage therapist—your back and two sets of vital organs that help keep you alive and vital.

  • Three-dimensional Breathing. Here you have an opportunity to first direct the breath into the deep center behind your navel, and then fill out in all directions. This assists the kidneys and adrenals to do their important work, and it frees up your movement! The volition to move emanates from deep within your belly, and the psoas muscles, which assist you to walk and run, run deep through your center to connect to the diaphragm. By contacting this entire area with relaxed breath, you integrate the belly with the back, and this provides you with more options in flexible and creative movement.
  • Stimulating the Back. Closely related to the phenomenon of the smooth transfer from breath to movement is the proper function of the adrenal glands, which sit on top of the kidneys. Here the impetus to fight or flee manifests whenever we perceive that we are under attack, or whenever we happen to be in situations that require quick action. When we are relaxed and when our adrenals are functioning well, we can distinguish between real threats and mere stress. The adrenals are weakened with the constant overstimulation that is part of today’s world, and integrating the back with three dimensional breathing and gentle touch will help you reduce chronic stress, ease back pain, and give your body new options in more positive and pleasurable movement.
  • A downloadable audio recording of the same techniques you learned above, but presented at a more relaxed pace, giving you the opportunity for deeper embodiment.
  • A downloadable worksheet that will help you focus on questions or issues that arise.

This final module brings it all together by connecting the center to the upper and lower body, and by integrating the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of your whole being. Here we learn the complete breathing that ease stress, moves toxicity and waste, enlivens your organs and connective tissues, and, with practice, creates profound relaxation and an easeful experience with living. We also allow time and space for the freedom of an Inner Voice that arises by virtue of inspire-ation and full exhalation, giving expression to your heart’s desires.

  • Complete Breathing. In addition to profound relaxation, connecting deep breathing with the upper body allows the viscera, lungs, and heart to function in harmony. It also connects the instinctual center to your emotional life. Here we marry the lower and upper body, becoming open to all the positive experiences that living in a three-dimensional body can offer!
  • The Intercostals. This technique can help unwind any tension, constriction, or emotional armoring that have formed unhealthy patterns around the lungs and the heart. A stiff, immobile upper rib cage inhibits breathing and flexible movement of both the upper body and pelvis. We all tend to carry a lot of emotional energy here, and this technique can help gently and safely unwind it.
  • The Lower Abdomen. Contacting the lower abdomen can soften any outdated patterns of constriction held in the pelvis, and it can gently acknowledge and smooth out any unresolved emotion connected with that constriction. The pelvic area or bowl houses the reproductive and generative organs and the small intestine (the organ that is primarily responsible for food digestion and where microbial balance is maintained. It is also where gut-brain communication takes place! This final technique can help transform what might be either a lackluster procession or a rigid march through life—into a pleasurable dance!
  • A downloadable audio recording of the same techniques you learned above, but presented at a more relaxed pace, giving you the opportunity for deeper embodiment.
  • A downloadable worksheet that will help you focus on questions or issues that arise.

  • Watch 5 group coaching video calls with me and other students. Questions and concerns are addressed, new topics are introduced and discussed, and you will see what it means to create an Action Plan For Gut Health.
  • Plus, you will have lifetime access to recordings of any group coaching that I’ll be doing in the future.
  • Lifetime Access to my private Facebook page for The Gut Wellness Course. Here you will be able to ask me any question and discuss the course with other students.
  • An inspiring chapter from my new book, The Gut Wellness Guide—The Power of Breath, Touch, and Awareness to Reduce Stress, Aid Digestion, and Reclaim Whole-Body Health. This chapter, Your Belly Leading the Way, explains the three main, motivating reasons why attending to the belly and the gut are so important.
  • An advanced embodiment audio meditation. Along with the audio that is part of each module, you’ll receive Pause and Rest, a more advanced exploration in breathwork. This recording offers you the opportunity to slow down your breath and bring your nervous system into restorative mode. Stress often puts us into a fight or flight state, causing feelings of overwhelm or can even create a subtle panic state. Our Pause and Rest relaxation audio will help you to breathe with full capacity and your body to relax and create health in any moment you choose.

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And you’ll be invited to participate in our current series of live group coaching video calls. New students are always welcome!.

Our current group is meeting online every Saturday at 10 AM, Pacific Standard Time, during the month of May, 2019. It’s not a problem if you miss because each meeting will be recorded and emailed to you. The calls will also become a permanent part of the course, so you can review them anytime you’d like. Sign up today and you’ll be put on the list to be sent a reminder two days in advance of each video call.

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"The Gut Wellness Course is simply transformative. Simply because the way Allison communicates the method of Unwinding in the book and in her classes is so simple and pure that it speaks deeply to anyone listening. Transformative because the work promotes marked changes in everyone it touches. Unwinding is a tool I have used personally and professionally for many years. You will too."

Lara Ratterman

“The Gut Wellness Course will change the way you breathe, the way you digest your food, and the way you think about your body. Allison gives you practical tools and techniques that integrate your body and activate your gut. With 70% of our immune system coming from the gut, it’s important for all of us to keep it as healthy and happy as possible. Allison has the answer!”

Greg Hicks

"Unwinding continues to help me be in my body, with health, courage, and joy. When I have been in physical or emotional crisis, its guidance has been essential, and I move from constriction to flowing vitality. Unwinding is my awakening and centering practice, it’s how I begin each day with gratitude."

Libby Sullivan

Your Instructor

Allison Post
Allison Post

I’ve been helping others navigate stress and the many problems that come with being in a body for more than thirty years because being healthy and feeling authentically good was something I too had lost along the way and had to relearn.

At nineteen, during my second semester of college, I was beset with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. This was caused by using an intrauterine device (IUD), a form of contraception, that was later removed from the market due to the tragic loss of life of 18 women and the loss of fertility and health for millions of others.

After suffering delirium for three days, I was taken to the hospital and hooked up to IV antibiotics for over a month. The doctors told me that my organs had begun to shut down. Fortunately, I survived, but I had lost my health and vitality.

I was discharged from the hospital with the tragic news that I could not have children and that I would probably have to deal with the consequences of pelvic inflammatory disease throughout my life. Western medicine saved my life and for that I am grateful. But other than being told I was lucky to be alive, I was given little encouragement and no tools. I was still in pain and distress, and had so many digestive and metabolic problems that I did not know where to start.

But for some reason I can’t quite explain, I was inspired to begin studying eastern healing arts, including yoga, meditation, and breathwork. I also began to learn about the importance of sleep, stress reduction, nutrition and fitness.

I had embarked upon a path of wellness that I continue to follow to this day. I am committed to ongoing study and teaching of several of the breathing, healing, meditation, and movement traditions. My explorations have included Somatic Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Asian and Western Bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang Internal Organ Massage, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, Qi Gong, Dance, Meditation, Craniosacral Therapy, and Functional Medicine. Currently, my specialty is to draw upon the deep wells of modern and traditional medical wisdom to encourage balance and joy in everyday life.

Yet throughout my life, the most potent form of healing for me has been breathing, combined with a meditative form of visceral touch. This put a halt to the distress caused by my illness—the frequent emergency room visits, the need for surgery, and the emotional fallout. I was able to transform my traumatized body into a being that heals itself. I have energy and joy again, and want to teach you how to do the same for yourself.

Reclaim your inherent health! Reclaim your breath and your belly! Join us at The Gut Wellness Course.

"I took an Unwinding class many years ago. Allison is an amazing teacher. Her knowledge and compassion were incredible. I love that I can use all that I learned to help heal myself first (as Allison teaches) and to support my patients in their own healing journeys. And now we have a video/audio course so that many more people can benefit! Thank you!"

Linda Gruber, MA, L.Ac

"It was a true blessing to find Unwinding when I did. I spent much of my life with chronic constipation and not letting go on an emotional level. I was also plagued with not wanting to experience the painful experiences in my life. Allison in her compassionate and gentle way showed me how important the breath is and how integral to our healing. The method of Unwinding taught me how to breathe and touch into the areas where I was shut off and how to feel those feelings and trust. I began to lose the fear and expand more through the simple, yet profound breathing and touch techniques. I am now living a more vibrant and present life. I have such gratitude for all that I have learned."

Madeline Ray

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from The Gut Wellness Course?
The Gut Wellness Course will be an excellent choice for those looking to find deep relaxation, improve digestion and metabolism, manage stress, sleep better, balance hormones including stress-inducing cortisol, balance dietary intake, mitigate the effects of SIBO, overcome obstacles to exercise and getting fit, create an action plan to proactively work with a health coach, break patterns of symptoms such as gas and bloating, get a handle on autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto's, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Lupus, Sjogren Syndrome, Type I Diabetes, Rosacea, and Psoriasis. And so much more!
How long does the course take to complete and how much time should I schedule to practice?
We suggest a minimum of five weeks to complete the course but we encourage you to go at the pace that best works for you. The course is designed so that by the time you are finished you will have at hand several embodiment skills that you can apply to all areas of life, and because life is full of changes and challenges, it is powerful to revisit and review the skills as often as needed. The Gut Wellness Course will be there for you to return to as often as you need. Also, we believe that you will learn best by engaging in the course daily or at least several times per week, but however you choose to engage with the material, it’s best to keep to a regular and steady practice.
Are the live group meetings recorded?
Yes! There will be a link sent to your email following each of the five group coaching video calls.
Can I participate if I do not live in the United States?
Yes! You will be able to access the course on your device of choice, from anywhere. Everyone is welcome.
How long will I have access to the course material?
You will have access to all of the course materials for as long as the course is active. There is no time limit.
How many live online meetings can I attend?
The next live, group coaching call will be on May 4, 2019. If you are unable to attend, no worries! We will send an email with a link to the recordings so that you can watch at your leisure. And the recordings of the all 5 online meetings will be become a permanent part of the curriculum, so you will have access to those over the lifetime of the course. Plus, you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to recordings of any group coaching that I’ll be doing in the future.
If I don't have a background in Anatomy, Physiology, or Health Care professions, will I be able to understand and keep up with the course?
Absolutely! We take pride in the fact that we avoid any unnecessary scientific jargon. The course is easy to follow and fully explains in clear and accessible language all of the key concepts of the organ systems, the stress response, embodiment, and Gut Health.
What kind of format does the course follow?
We suggest that you complete one module at a time, starting with Module 1 and work through Module 5. First watch each video as many times as you like, and practice the techniques until you are comfortable with them. Listen to the audio for relaxation and to master the techniques, as many times as you like. Read the worksheet and reflect upon the ideas and questions, and then start to journal, writing your answers, recording your impressions, and listing questions you might want to ask on the Facebook page or during the online meetings. Use this journal near the end of the course to create your Action Plan for Gut Health. You can use this plan to work with a health coach or to follow during a self-directed program of positive change. Read the bonus chapter (or, if you already have it, any portion of the book) at any time during the course to keep you motivated. Review any video or audio whenever you feel that you need guidance. After you have finished all of the video and audio, listen to the bonus audio to learn how to plug into the relaxation response whenever you need it.
Are there additional resources beyond the video and audio recordings?
Yes! We include worksheets to get you going on a journal that will help you create an Action Plan For Gut Health. We also provide an inspiring chapter of our new book, The Gut Wellness Guide and one bonus audio that will help you to experience your breath in an incredibly relaxing way. Also, you will be invited to participate in our ongoing, live online video calls with Allison and other students. Allison will answer your questions and introduce one or two new aspects of gut health to support your growth.

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